Another ATC Gang Member is Arrested for Piracy

The LAPD’s Piracy Unit has once again wrapped up another Alley Tiny Criminals (ATC) gang member on piracy charges. The subject, who was involved in manufacturing and distribution of pirated software is admitted member of the Alley Tiny Criminals gang.

The gangster was burning pirated software on his home computer and offering the software for sale on This is the second time in the past six months that the LAPD’s Piracy Unit has arrested an ATC gang member for selling pirated software through craigslist. They arrested the latest gang member just a few blocks from where the first ATC gang member was arrested.

Piracy and counterfeiting is becoming a growing trend amongst gangsters, turning away from selling drugs and guns for the “safer” and more profitable crimes, like counterfeiting or piracy.

The gang member admitted to detectives that he was making over $5,000 cash a month selling the pirated software. Not a bad business for this gang banger! I wonder if he was paying taxes on that money? It appears that the ATC gang has realized that the sales of counterfeit and pirated merchandise is a very lucrative business for the gang. Great work again by the Piracy Unit going after these gangsters!

Think piracy is a harmless crime? Think again!