The Long Beach Police Department served a search warrant at a local business that was being operated by a Compton Varrio 155 gang member. This was not the first warrant that was served at this location, in fact it was the second warrant served for the sales of counterfeit goods. Officers arrested the owner of the location, along with a female employee for trademark counterfeiting. Officers recovered counterfeit shoes, watches, handbags, and clothing. Officers also recovered a stolen handgun.

Counterfeiting is becoming the crime of choice for street gangs. They can make more money selling the counterfeit goods than they can selling crack on the street corner and when they get caught, the punishment is not as severe. The outstanding efforts of the Long Beach PD are making it that much harder for these guys to make money. Crimes such as trademark counterfeiting, music piracy and other intellectual property crimes are growing every day. Criminal organizations are taking advantage of brand owners and stealing their intellectual property on a daily basis and using the proceeds for who knows what!

As responsible citizens we need to think about who we are supporting with our hard earned money. Is it worth saving a few bucks on a purse when the money is funding gangs and crime? What is your conscious worth to you?


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