If you doubt it, just ask members of the LAPD’s West Valley Vice Unit. The Unit completed a trademark counterfeiting case involving a subject that was operating a retail store in the City of Canoga Park, California where he was selling large quantities of counterfeit shoes and clothing items. The LAPD conducted a buy bust operation and recovered over $ 60,000.00 worth of counterfeit goods.

Turns out, the subject of the counterfeiting investigation had prior arrests for attempted murder, discharging a firearm into a dwelling, domestic violence, and weapons charges. This is a common theme that is taking hold. Criminals with extensive criminal histories, turning to counterfeiting to make an easy buck. Based on the great work of the LAPD, this counterfeiter will no longer be able to illegally profit from stealing the intellectual property of others.

Counterfeiting and piracy is theft and these crimes are hurting our economy more than the average consumer understands. Do your part and buy the real deal. Do not support criminal activity!


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