Investigators received information regarding a subject that was reportedly distributing millions of dollars worth of counterfeit goods. The investigation was initiated and it took Investigators several days of surveillance to locate the subject’s multiple warehouse areas where he was storing all of his counterfeit goods. Investigators tried to approach the subject on several occasions in an attempt to make a purchase from him, however, the subject would not deal with anyone that he did not know. This is very common with major distributors that know they run a higher risk of getting busted if they sell to any new customers that they do not know. The subject was very careful how he conducted his operation. The subject had multiple storage rooms on different floors of the same building in the Los Angeles area. The subject conducted counter surveillance and was very cautious of his dealings in public. Fortunately, like all other criminals, he made mistakes. The LAPD’s Piracy Unit was able to develop enough information for a search warrant. The warrant was served and the subject and his female partner were arrested for felony trademark counterfeiting. The LAPD hit the mother load and recovered over 28 million dollars in counterfeit handbags, wallets, clothing, labels, jewelry and more. The investigation revealed that the subject was supplying several people throughout the western United States with counterfeit merchandise. The subject was receiving his merchandise from a “well known” source in New York. Detectives did a great job following up on this case and have developed an additional five cases that have lead to more arrests and the seizure of additional counterfeit goods.

By Kris Buckner, Investigative Consultants


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