LA County Deputies recently conducted a probation search of a subject that they arrested in the past for selling counterfeit trademarked goods from a store in the city of Los Angeles. A search of the subject’s home revealed a large amount of counterfeit merchandise once again.

After scouring the home of the probationer and recovering a stash of counterfeit goods, Deputies returned to the subject’s store where they found additional counterfeit items, along with a handgun. Due to the diligence of law enforcement, this subject will be going away for a long while. It would have been beneficial for this guy to have learned his lesson the first time around.

FUN FACTS: Research has shown that over 50% of convicted counterfeiters and pirates are very likely to re-offend. The reason why is very simple, it is the “easy” money that can be made.

By Kris Buckner, Investigative Consultants


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