A Sergeant and multiple Detectives from The Inglewood Police Department’s Vice Unit, conducted an investigation of a local barber shop in their area that had been the source of various complaints from the community, including drug sales and violence.

The owner of the barber shop was served with a cease and desist notice for the sales of counterfeit goods. It was determined through further undercover investigation that the owner of the location was still engaging in the sales of counterfeit merchandise after being served with the notice.

The Inglewood PD obtained a search warrant for the location. The warrant was served and the owner was arrested. The customers were very unhappy when they had to leave the Barber Shop with their haircuts unfinished. Trust me, it was an interesting sight! It was determined that the owner of the location had used the identity of his brother, who was residing out of state. The owner of the barber shop also had previous arrests for robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, narcotics possession, and possession of a firearm. He is not a very nice guy.

The subject’s son was also arrested at the scene for possession of narcotics. Law Enforcement seized a large quantity of counterfeit goods, including all types of clothing items.

The Inglewood PD did an outstanding job shutting down a public nuisance and a barber bent on counterfeit sales and haircut combos.

By Kris Buckner, Investigative Consultants


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