The LAPD’s Topanga Vice Unit recently wrapped up an outstanding case. The Vice Unit observed a male, who identified himself as “Designer”, selling what they believed to be counterfeit True Religion jeans and Ed Hardy shirts from the parking lot of a gas station. The Officers made undercover purchases from “Designer” and confirmed that the items were in fact counterfeit.

The Unit continued their investigation and was able to identify where “Designer” lived and stored his counterfeit merchandise. The Vice Unit obtained a warrant for “Designer’s” home. The Unit decided to lure “Designer” away from his home in an attempt to affect his arrest. Investigators contacted “Designer” and told him that they wanted to make a large purchase of jeans. “Designer” agreed to meet with the investigators to make the “sale.” Little did he know, he would be meeting some of LAPD’s finest.

“Designer” showed up with his convicted felon girlfriend, who was on parole, to deliver the jeans. When “Designer” pulled into the parking lot of the meeting location, he was immediately taken down by the Vice Unit. Needless to say, “Designer” was extremely surprised. The LAPD recovered the car full of counterfeit goods and then served the warrant at “Designer’s” home where additional merchandise was recovered.

By Kris Buckner, Investigative Consultants


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