Do not believe it when the counterfeiters and pirates plead poverty. Nothing, could be further from the truth!! These guys make big cash as Officers from The LAPD’s Central Division SLO Office learned once again. During a recent investigation, Officers arrested a vendor, who was selling counterfeit Bebe and PINK clothing from a small table display in Santee Alley. What Officers were surprised by was the $14,000 in cash they located. According to the information received, this cash was from two days sales. I wonder if taxes are being paid on all this cash?? The counterfeit trade has not slowed down in the recession, I wonder why?

By Kris Buckner, Investigative Consultants



I thought I had seen it all until this one! What started off as a call to police of a gangster selling “televisions” in the parking lot of a local shopping center in Los Angeles, quickly turned into a police pursuit ending with the recovery of some interesting “televisions.” Turns out, the gangster had what he THOUGHT was a great idea. He decided to wrap a piece of 46 inch plywood in what appeared to be legitimate packing materials for a high end, brand name, flat screen television. He even went so far as to wear a “Best Buy” polo shirt. The gangster was selling the “plywood” televisions for $200.00 to $400.00. When law enforcement attempted to contact the subject, he fled from police in his vehicle and led them on a pursuit. As usual, the subject was caught and law enforcement recovered the counterfeit televisions. I have to say that this was a very creative idea. This gangster suckered several people into buying these counterfeit “plywood” televisions; however, he will now be spending some quality time in the county jail for running from the police and selling counterfeit TVs.

By Kris Buckner, Investigative Consultants


The LAPD was conducting an investigation of vendors selling counterfeit merchandise from a parking lot, just outside of the Santee Alley area in Los Angeles. The vendors parked their cars on a roof top parking lot. The vendors chose the roof top parking lot because they believed it would give them a position of advantage and would allow them time to observe the approach of law enforcement. Well, as usual, The LAPD developed a plan to catch the roof top counterfeiters. The Officers responded to the location undetected and approached the vendors as they were at their vehicles with customers. As they were approaching, one of the vendors had the bright idea of running and trying to hide from Officers. But the problem was, he had nowhere to go, unless he wanted to jump off a four story building. The vendor did not do that, so he decided to slide underneath a car and hope the LAPD would not find him. Well, the plan had no chance of success. The vendor was arrested for counterfeiting. Turns out that this was his second arrest and he should now be looking at some jail time.

By Kris Buckner, Investigative Consultants


Mr. “Chill” has been in the counterfeiting business for over 13 years now. Over the years, he has specialized in the sale of counterfeit clothing, handbags, and jewelry. Mr. “Chill” is very well known to the IC Team. Back in the day, Mr. Chill tried to knock us over the head with a chair and has been known to be very violent and aggressive.

When Officers from the LAPD’s Central SLO Office contacted him regarding his reported sales of counterfeit goods, Mr. Chill told the Officers that he had never been contacted or arrested for the sales of counterfeit goods in the past. Unfortunately for Mr. Chill, the records documenting Mr. Chill’s two prior arrests and service of three separate cease and desist notices were located and quickly provided to the LAPD. Mr. Chill received a one way ticket to the county jail. Let’s hope that the third time is the charm for Mr. Chill and he will get the hint that counterfeiting does not pay and sooner or later, you will go to prison.

By Kris Buckner, Investigative Consultants


When the plumbing business slows down due to the slumping economy, what do you do? Well, a plumber from Glendale, California decided to jump into the counterfeit business. Robert posted several ads on advertising all types of brand name clothing items. The subject came to the attention of The True Religion Brand Jeans Anti Counterfeiting team, who tracked him down and had several undercover buys made by IC. The subject’s fun on the net only lasted about a month. Detectives from The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department took him down swiftly. I guess it’s back to fixing pipes for this counterfeiter!!

By Kris Buckner, Investigative Consultants


The Gardena Police Department arrested two female suspects who were selling counterfeit merchandise from a van in Gardena, California. Officers also found that both “ladies” were carrying concealed loaded handguns. It turns out that one of the subjects was on parole for burglary and had also been arrested in the past for the sales of counterfeit goods. The “ladies” said they armed themselves because they had been robbed in the past when they were selling their counterfeit merchandise on the streets. It is very common to find street vendors engaged in counterfeit sales, also carrying guns. There have been multiple cases featured on the A&E Network’s show, “The First 48”, that focus on investigations that revolve around counterfeiters being robbed and someone ending up dead. The sale of counterfeit goods leads to many other crimes.

By Kris Buckner, Investigative Consultants