The LAPD was conducting an investigation of vendors selling counterfeit merchandise from a parking lot, just outside of the Santee Alley area in Los Angeles. The vendors parked their cars on a roof top parking lot. The vendors chose the roof top parking lot because they believed it would give them a position of advantage and would allow them time to observe the approach of law enforcement. Well, as usual, The LAPD developed a plan to catch the roof top counterfeiters. The Officers responded to the location undetected and approached the vendors as they were at their vehicles with customers. As they were approaching, one of the vendors had the bright idea of running and trying to hide from Officers. But the problem was, he had nowhere to go, unless he wanted to jump off a four story building. The vendor did not do that, so he decided to slide underneath a car and hope the LAPD would not find him. Well, the plan had no chance of success. The vendor was arrested for counterfeiting. Turns out that this was his second arrest and he should now be looking at some jail time.

By Kris Buckner, Investigative Consultants


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