What started as a case of counterfeit watches being sold on Craigslist has turned into something much more interesting. The Anaheim Police Department’s Vice Unit recently completed a case where they located much more than counterfeit goods. The Detectives obtained a search warrant for the home of the subject who had been identified as selling counterfeit watches. What they did not expect to find, was the cache of counterfeit police badges and identifications. Detectives located several badges, police identifications, exempt plates, uniforms, and other interesting things. The subject had made fake police Identifications from the LAPD, LA County Sheriff’s Department, and the Beverly Hills PD in his name and with his photo on them.

The subject is an extremely interesting character, if you know what I mean. During the course of the undercover investigation, the subject told the undercover investigator that he used the police badges to get free food and get out of tickets. It is suspected that the subject may have been up to other things also. The Anaheim PD did a great job putting the case together and getting this person into the system. The subject was convicted of trademark counterfeiting.

By Kris Buckner, Investigative Consultants


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