Shoe Repair Shop in San Diego Hit Again!

The San Diego Police Department strikes again. The first time around, The San Diego PD recovered over 2 million dollars worth of counterfeit merchandise from what on the surface appeared to be a small shoe repair shop. The second time, they collected just over half a million dollars worth of counterfeit merchandise. The husband and wife team had been arrested a few months prior and they had agreed to accept a plea agreement in the first case, however, that is when law enforcement learned that they were once again selling counterfeit merchandise. Investigators made multiple undercover purchases from the location and detectives obtained a second search warrant for the location. Detectives served the warrant two days before the subjects were due in court to be sentenced on the first case. This counterfeit couple is like so many others, who just can’t walk away from the counterfeit business because of how lucrative it is. The lure of “quick & easy” money is too much for some of these people. This will not change until these people believe counterfeiting is no longer worth the risk.

By Kris Buckner, Investigative Consultants


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