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The ongoing efforts in Oregon to stamp out counterfeiting and piracy have once again paid off. The effort recently was lead by the Oregon Department of Justice and the Beaverton Police Department as they were assisted by Homeland Security Investigations. This action was a complete team effort by a great group of law enforcement officers that have worked diligently for the past few months to make the action happen.

The recent case primarily involved the manufacture and distribution of counterfeit and pirated music. Along with that came some counterfeit clothing, movies and other items. The investigation focused on a swap meet, which was used as the sales and distribution point for all the counterfeit merchandise in the general area. This was not the first time this swap meet was targeted for an enforcement action. It seems the swap meet and its owners may be under the false belief that the sales of counterfeit merchandise are ok.

The investigation yielded over 50,000 counterfeit items and the take down of two labs that were making counterfeit music and movies. The case in Oregon has links back to the Los Angeles area and the subjects involved appeared to be the largest distributors of pirated music in the state of Oregon. This case is a great example on how to take out an entire network of subjects to gain the maximum result.

The cases in Oregon have ranged from luxury goods cases to counterfeit rifle scopes. As the team in Oregon has learned time and time again, counterfeiters are not only up to counterfeiting, but are quite often involved in other serious crimes, such as money laundering, drug trafficking and weapons violations.

Our hats are off once again to Beaverton PD, Oregon DOJ and HSI for doing another great job to make a dent in the world of counterfeiting.

By Kris Buckner , Investigative Consultants


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