The Importance of Brand Protection

Brand Protection is a key element for any successful company. A company normally spends years and millions of dollars to develop their brand and then as soon as they make it, counterfeiters come along and steal their intellectual property. Some say when you are counterfeited, you should be flattered. Well, I think it is a sign that a brand has developed true value when they are counterfeited, however I don’t think being ripped off is flattering at all!

Trademark counterfeiting and piracy is straight out theft. There is no difference between counterfeiting someone’s brand and stealing their wallet. What is the difference? The bottom line is that you are taking someone else’s property without their permission. Theft is theft.

Many people in the world today don’t understand the effects that intellectual property theft has on a company. They would, if they were the ones that worked for years to build a brand. It not only represents potential lost sales, it diminishes the value and truly tarnishes the brand. Critics out there will always question why law enforcement arrests counterfeiters or why lawyers are suing people for counterfeiting.

The answer is truly simple; they are protecting our economy and trying to stop the flow of illicit profits going into the hands of organized crime groups and gangs. Our creators and innovators deserve protection. They are the ones that are contributing to the economy and funding our schools, police and other vital programs. The counterfeiters are part of the underground economy and do not contribute to legitimate society.

Fighting intellectual property crime is vital to the survival of our country’s financial stability. Do the right thing and buy the real deal.

By Kris Buckner, Investigative Consultants


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