Oregon Action Involves Counterfeit Rifle Scopes

A Collective investigation involving CBP, HSI, The Beaverton Police Department and The Cornelius Police Department resulted in counterfeit seizures which included 32 counterfeit Aimpoint and Trijicon rifle scopes from a AirSoft Northwest Store located in Cornelius, Oregon.

Counterfeit scopes were seized by CBP from an inbound shipment to the store. Further investigation resulted in the seizure of additional counterfeit scopes which were on display for sale inside the store location. This investigation started with the proactive enforcement conducted by CBP and HSI at the Port of Portland, Oregon. “Made in China” tape was used to cover the trademarks in an effort to avoid detection and seizure as the shipments were en route from China to Oregon.

It was assumed that the owner of the store had been selling counterfeit scopes and other merchandise for an extended period of time. The owner stated that he was certain his competitors were also involved in the sales of counterfeit merchandise as well. He requested for law enforcement to check into their activities as well.

The store owner did not wish to go to trial and a conviction for Trademark Counterfeiting was obtained by the Washington County District Attorney’s Office.

By Kris Buckner, Investigative Consultants


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