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LASD COPS Bureau found more than they bargained for when they had arranged to conduct a “buy bust” and follow up search warrant on a subject who was selling large quantities of counterfeit Monster headphones in front of his home in Long Beach, California.

The subject who was posting his merchandise for sale on the internet was the first person in the United States that was found selling counterfeit versions of Monster’s “Detox” headphones. This was a great find, but it was also disturbing to learn that the high quality fakes were now in the USA.

When Deputies entered the house, they found what they expected, more headphones, but what they did not expect to find was a large quantity of counterfeit Cialis pills. Now that is scary! Who knows what is really in those pills. Studies have shown that counterfeit drugs often contain harmful substances and there are even cases that have resulted in deaths that have been tied to counterfeit medicines.

You never know what is inside counterfeit goods! COPS Bureau is on the hunt for all counterfeiters and have been knocking out some heavy hitters lately.

By Kris Buckner, Investigative Consultants


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