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The LAPD’s Piracy Unit struck another blow to a family of prolific counterfeiters. The family considers itself to be a “success story”, demonstrating how you can come to the United States and make your dreams come true by operating a legitimate business. They have even been interviewed by the local press and have posted their interviews on YouTube. The problem is that the family is deeply entrenched in the counterfeit trade and are only posing as legitimate business people.

Three of the brothers in the family have already been arrested and convicted of trademark counterfeiting. The Piracy Unit recently tracked down another brother and arrested him at a Public Storage facility just outside of the Santee Alley area of Los Angeles where he had set up a make shift store/warehouse. Detectives recovered over $ 250,000.00 worth of counterfeit merchandise from this location.

Counterfeiters are full of stories. Over the years, I have heard so many times that they are just trying to survive and trying to “feed their families.” It is a bunch of lies. Counterfeiters are making huge amounts of money and most of the counterfeiters we have come across are certainly not paying their share of taxes.

Don’t ever fall for the hype that counterfeiting and piracy are victimless crimes and don’t deserve to be prosecuted. The brand name companies are not the only victims in this masquerade. We all are! We are losing tax revenue and legitimate businesses lose sales to these guys.

By Kris Buckner, Investigative Consultants


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