The Phoenix Police Department’s Commercial and Retail Crimes Unit has conducted numerous actions targeting sellers of counterfeit and pirated merchandise. Their efforts span across the counterfeit world and have led to the recovery of all types of merchandise, including computer software, music, movies, shoes, clothing, handbags, sunglasses and much more.

The team has focused their efforts on organized retail crime theft investigations, which is a huge and growing problem across the United States. Their team targets fixed retail locations, street vendors and internet sales. The results of the investigations have uncovered evidence of money laundering and other serious violations, along with the counterfeiting and piracy.

The various actions they conduct have resulted in several arrests and the seizure of large quantities of counterfeit merchandise. Officers have also arrested some interesting people, including an escapee and a subject that harbored a deep admiration for the Aryan Brotherhood. The team’s actions and efforts have been outstanding. All the members of the team deserve recognition for their efforts and their commitment to protecting the economy of Arizona and the United States.

By Kris Buckner, Investigative Consultants


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