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Investigators identified multiple subjects who were selling counterfeit goods in and around the Escondido, California area. Investigators contacted Escondido Police Department Detectives, who quickly jumped on the cases and wanted to take immediate action. The Escondido Detectives arranged to take action on two subjects and coordinated buy bust operations.

The first subject was selling counterfeit EFX bracelets. The subject would travel around and distribute the items and was also selling from multiple kiosks at local malls. During the course of the undercover investigation, the subject admitted that the bracelets were counterfeits.

The subject agreed to sell the undercover a large amount of the bracelets, so the bust was arranged. The subject agreed to meet the undercover in a business parking lot in Escondido and when he did, Escondido’s finest took him down. Detectives seized all the counterfeit items and the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office has filed felony charges against the subject.

The second subject was selling counterfeit watches through The subject bragged about how many watches he had sold and how much money he had made. Well, it looks like his luck ran out when Escondido Detectives got onto the case, because as soon as they heard about it, the clock started ticking.

Detectives arranged for the subject to deliver counterfeit watches to the local Target parking lot. Once again, when the subject showed up in his shiny Mercedes, Detectives swooped in and hooked the subject up. The Escondido Detectives took quick and decisive action that led to two felony arrests and two counterfeiters out of business. We want to applaud the quick and efficient work of the Escondido PD!

By Kris Buckner, Investigative Consultants


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