When an Officer of The LAPD’s Central Division decided to pull over a white cargo van for a simple traffic violation, he had no idea what he was in for. The Officer pulled over the van with paper plates, only to learn that the original license plates were on the vehicle, however they had been covered by “paper plates.” See the enclosed photographs.

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The Officer contacted the two females, who are sisters inside the van and during the investigation, he learned that the van was full of counterfeit merchandise. The Officer then located over a half million dollars worth of counterfeit merchandise, along with over $23,000.00 in cash and money orders. Who says counterfeiting does not pay? Soon after the Officer arrested the two sisters.

What the Officer did not realize was that he had just broken up part of a major counterfeiting organization. The two sisters are part of a major family operated organization that has been involved in the sales and distribution of counterfeit goods for over 10 years. The husband of one of the women, has been arrested in the past for various serious crimes, including the sales of counterfeit goods and has suspected ties to an Organized Crime group based on the East coast. The sister’s father and other family members also have a history of being involved with the sales of counterfeit goods. The “family” operates several retail locations in Los Angeles and also distributes counterfeit goods to other vendors throughout California. During the inventory of the evidence in the van, Officers also located a list of license plate numbers and descriptions of several vehicles used by Investigators that investigate the sales of counterfeit goods. This group is very organized and entrenched in the counterfeit world. The Officer of the LAPD’s keen eye just cost their organization tens of thousands of dollars and clearly caused a major disruption in their operation. Job well done!!

By Kris Buckner, Investigative Consultants