Counterfeiters in Arizona continue to feel the heat as the Phoenix Police Department continues their crackdown on counterfeiters and organized retail crime groups. The Phoenix PD obtained information on a local business that was reportedly selling large quantities of counterfeit merchandise.

Investigators traveled to the location and conducted multiple undercover purchases of counterfeit merchandise. The Phoenix PD jumped on it and obtained a search warrant for the location. Officers served the warrant at the location and arrested the owner of the business. Officers recovered handbags, shoes, wallets, sunglasses, belts, scarves and emblems. The store was offering all types of merchandise. You name it and they had it. In all, Officers recovered just under a half a million dollars worth of counterfeit merchandise. Not a bad haul.

Officers did an outstanding job of collecting intelligence at the location. Based on the information and intelligence gathered at the location, it appears that the subject was being supplied by vendors from New York and Los Angeles. We applaud the ongoing efforts of the Phoenix Police Department.

By Kris Buckner, Investigative Consultants


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