A local business in Sacramento, California was recently taken down by members of the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department. The business was BJ’s Fashion. The business had been a source of all sorts of criminal activity. Law enforcement suspected that the business was gang related and a haven for some very shady characters.

Investigators made multiple undercover buys from the location. The investigators, who have conducted hundreds of UC operations in the past in all types of rough neighborhoods throughout the western United States, said that this was one of the very first times that they were actually scared when they entered the location. They said the location was being operated by a bunch of thugs and that the entire area appeared to be under the control of some very bad folks.

The Sheriff’s Department obtained a search warrant for the location and took it down with the assistance of ICE. They recovered a large quantity of counterfeit merchandise. The bust was featured by the local news. You can view the footage by CLICKING HERE. It is some very interesting viewing, especially the guy waving the sign!

A great and very quick job was done by HSI and the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department in this case. This was one of the first trademark investigations that this unit did and all we can say is that they did an outstanding and professional job! The owner has now been convicted of felony trademark counterfeiting.

By Kris Buckner, Investigative Consultants


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