Investigators identified a subject that was selling high quality counterfeit jeans at her “Holiday Trunk Show” from a Sports Club facility in Oregon. The subject sold the jeans for over $ 90.00 a pair. Not a bad profit, considering that you can buy a pair of counterfeits for less than $ 20.00.

The subject would host her “Trunk Shows” once a month at the Sports Club or at another facility. She was selling everything from fake jeans to sweatshirts and sweatpants. The subject was selling various high end brands and charging top dollar for the items.

Trunk Shows and Jean Parties are a common way people are selling counterfeit merchandise. These events are no different than the old “Tupperware parties” that were a huge thing back in the day. Remember, counterfeit goods can and will be sold at any venue where consumers are willing to spend their cash.

Investigators received information that the subject was going to host one of her trunk shows. Investigators set up surveillance on the subject’s home in Beaverton, Oregon and observed the subject loading merchandise into her vehicle. Investigators followed the subject to the Sports Club where they watched her unload several plastic bins from her vehicle and take them into the location.

A short time later, an undercover officer entered the location and contacted the subject, who had a large display of jeans and other items that she was selling. The officer made purchases from the subject and the items were confirmed to be counterfeit.

The subject continued her sales and when she left the location, law enforcement conducted the take down of the subject. When the subject was questioned by officers, she readily admitted the items she was selling were in fact counterfeit. Officers recovered a large quantity of counterfeit merchandise from the subject. Officers were able to determine that the source of the goods was a supplier from New York.

Another job well done by The Beaverton Police Department and The Tualatin Police Department. Multiple law enforcement agencies in Oregon have banded together to really put the heat on the counterfeiters.

By Kris Buckner, Investigative Consultants


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