The Daly City PD took down a subject selling high quality counterfeit watches. The dealer, who advertised his counterfeit watches on the internet, was selling them to customers for $80.00 a watch. The subject was buying them from China for around $20.00 each. These were high quality fakes that came in boxes with bogus paperwork and everything else a genuine watch would come with.

Over the past several years, we have seen an increase in the quality of counterfeit goods that are available. Counterfeiters are doing a better job every day in making the fakes look more and more like the real deal. These counterfeiters, who are making the counterfeits, are very smart and talented people. They are making so much money selling the counterfeits that it allows them to re-invest into their operations and continue to improve their products. As long as the money is there, these guys are going to continue to make better counterfeits every day.

The profits from counterfeiting are huge. This is why counterfeiting is a crime that “makes sense.” You face very little risk with a very high reward. Daly City officers are hoping that they changed one person’s mind. The subject they arrested is hopefully now re-thinking his life of counterfeit crime and will hopefully give up the way of making an easy dollar to getting a legit job and contributing to society instead of the underground economy.

Special thanks to Daly City PD for doing such a great job on taking out the subject in such a timely and efficient manner!

By Kris Buckner, Investigative Consultants


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