The Mission District of San Francisco, California has been terrorized by members of Surenos gangs for the past several years. The gangsters are up to their normal activities, such as drug dealing, stealing cars and robbing people. It appears that they have now also turned to selling counterfeit goods.

This gangster decided to make a few quick bucks by selling counterfeit merchandise through Craigslist. Little did he know that he was selling his counterfeit goods to undercover investigators. He also made the huge mistake of selling his merchandise in the city of Dublin.

The members of Dublin Police Services are very proactive in pursuing the sellers of counterfeit goods. So, when they heard of the gangster’s activity, they jumped right on the case! The subject agreed to deliver additional counterfeit goods to the undercover.

When he arrived to make his sale, law enforcement was there to greet him with a pair of handcuffs. He was arrested for felony trademark counterfeiting. The trend of gang members using the sales of counterfeit merchandise to raise money for themselves continues and is definitely a growing trend.

By Kris Buckner, Investigative Consultants


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