The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Departments, CAPE Team and HSI’s Intellectual Property Rights Group nabbed a software pirate who was manufacturing all types of software from his home.

The subject turned out to be a very interesting character. Turns out that the subject did not treat his former girlfriends very well as is evident by the many postings on the internet that they posted about him and how he was not a good boyfriend and was also involved in the distribution of pirated software. Beware of who you cross if you are involved in criminal activity as they might just blast out “your business” on the internet.

Investigators made multiple undercover purchases from the subject. Law enforcement obtained a search warrant for the subject’s home. When law enforcement served the warrant, the subject was not at home, so they used their “key” to get inside the location. Deputies and Agents began their search of the location and guess what; the subject strolled up to the location carrying a large quantity of blank disks that he was planning on turning into pirated software.

It turned out that the subject had an extensive criminal history and was wanted in the State of New York. The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office has filed felony trademark counterfeiting charges against the subject.


By Kris Buckner, Investigative Consultants