A known and admitted member of the 52 Hoover Street Gang was recently arrested by the LAPD’s 77th Vice Unit for trademark counterfeiting and a felon being in possession of ammunition. The case all started when Officers of the Vice Unit realized that a local business was the center of suspected gang activity. The officers did their homework and realized that the business was being operated and controlled by a member of the 52 Hoover street gang.

The gang member, who according to court records has prior arrests for murder, robbery, assault with a deadly weapon and narcotics violations was operating the business along Manchester Blvd. It was suspected that the gangster was possibly selling counterfeit goods from the store and who knows what else. The LAPD arranged for multiple undercover purchases to be made from the location. Guess what, the LAPD’s thought that the gangster was selling counterfeit goods was correct.

The gang member was selling counterfeit jeans. Based on the evidence obtained of the counterfeit sales, the LAPD’s 77th Vice Unit was able to obtain a search warrant for the location. The LAPD did an outstanding job thinking outside the box and looking into the possibility that counterfeit merchandise was being sold from the location. The sales of counterfeit goods are what gave them their “in” to get a search warrant for the location. Gangs and counterfeiting is a growing trend.

The LAPD served the search warrant and not only recovered counterfeit merchandise, but they also recovered ammunition that the gangster is prohibited from possessing. The LAPD did an outstanding job investigating this matter and the subject has now been charged with multiple felonies by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office.

The news media picked up on this case and decided to do a feature on gangs and counterfeit goods. You can CLICK HERE to view the news piece. Another gang operation is disrupted by the great work of the LAPD’s 77th Vice Unit! Gangs and counterfeiting is a growing problem that must be stamped out.

By Kris Buckner, Investigative Consultants