The Underground Economy

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The Underground Economy

The California Board of Equalization is now joining the fight against trademark counterfeiting and piracy. The BOE, Los Angeles Port Police and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department recently held a joint press conference where they announced the efforts to combat the Underground Economy in California. The BOE estimates that the Underground Economy is costing California over 8 billion a year in lost tax revenue. The Underground Economy includes other crimes, such as human trafficking, smuggling, and the illicit sale of un-taxed cigarettes. These crimes are killing our economy.

It is clear that in such tough economic times that every tax dollar counts. Authorities are urging the public not to buy counterfeit goods and to report counterfeiting and piracy. Information regarding the sales of counterfeit goods can be reported at Please do your part and support the hardworking folks who dare to create and innovate, BUY THE REAL DEAL!

Kris Buckner


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