Counterfeit Coupons

The Investigative Consultants team recently worked a massive counterfeiting case involving counterfeit coupons. The source of the counterfeit coupons was a website that was based in Phoenix, Arizona and was distributing counterfeit coupons throughout the United States. The Internet investigation division of IC was able to identify the operator of the website and multiple locations that were associated with the operation. We were amazed at the scope of the activity and how big the operation was.

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We turned our investigation over to the Phoenix Police Department, who investigated further. Based on the entire investigation, the Phoenix PD obtained search warrants for all the locations that were involved in the counterfeit scheme and the massive intellectual property theft. The Phoenix PD served the warrants and recovered over 25 million dollars worth of counterfeit coupons. They also seized assets worth well over a million dollars, which included, 14 vehicles, 22 weapons, and multiple properties.

It was amazing to see how much money this counterfeit operation was profiting. The assets seized included a custom boat and RV, along with a customized Camaro and Vintage Corvette. You would have never guessed that a counterfeit coupon operation could be so lucrative. Three subjects have been arrested and charged in the case.

The Phoenix PD worked alongside with multiple other law enforcement agencies, including the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office, FBI, US Postal Inspectors and others to make this case a huge success. This was the largest seizure of counterfeit coupons in US History and it all started with a website. We applaud the OUTSTANDING work of law enforcement on this case.

You can report counterfeiting to Kris Buckner @ There were also multiple media stories that covered the event. You can view one of the pieces on our youtube channel by clicking here.

Kris Buckner