Trademark Counterfeiting Enforcement

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Another counterfeiter is taken down by the LAPD’s Anti-Piracy Unit. The subject was no stranger to the LAPD and being arrested for trademark counterfeiting. He had been arrested twice before for counterfeiting and was once operating a factory making fake handbags and other items.

Intellectual Property crimes, such as counterfeiting and piracy are extremely lucrative and that is why these guys continue to engage in these crimes. Investigative Consultants is an intellectual property investigative company and focuses on assisting brand owners in their efforts to protect their brands.

Investigative Consultants also conducts training for law enforcement. If you are a law enforcement officer and want to receive training in trademark counterfeiting, please visit to view our current class schedule. You can also contact Kris Buckner at for details.

Kris Buckner, Investigative Consultants