Even On Melrose

Many folks think that counterfeit goods are only sold in shady areas of town or at swap meets and flea markets. Nothing could be further from the truth. Counterfeit goods have been found in all types of retail locations.

According to various media accounts, Tiffany & Co. recently sued Costco for allegedly selling counterfeit goods. If you research trademark counterfeiting through the open source, you will find countless examples of counterfeit goods being sold in all types of venues that you would never think would sell counterfeit goods.

The LAPD’s Hollywood Vice Unit recently learned this first hand when they took down an upscale boutique selling counterfeit jewelry. The boutique was located on the world famous Melrose Avenue in Hollywood in the same area where many world famous designer boutiques are located.

The owner of the boutique was sent a cease and desist notice from a brand owner prior to the criminal action taking place, however the owner chose to ignore it and continued their trademark counterfeiting activities. This happens more than you think.

The LAPD took swift action on the case and the owner is now facing criminal charges. The sell of counterfeit goods robs legitimate businesses of sales and can easily tarnish a brand’s reputation.

You never know where you will find counterfeit goods being sold.

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